Operator Training – HikVision Central

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Course Breakdown

What You’ll Master:

  • Seamless Navigation: Dive deep into the Live, Playback, and Export Interfaces.
  • Efficient Camera Management: Swiftly locate cameras, understand views, and maximize floating windows.
  • Video Mastery: Play back recorded videos, search footage by date/time, and harness advanced search techniques.
  • Operational Excellence: Master bookmarks, snapshots, video exports, and various export formats.
  • Evidence Handling: Get hands-on with the invaluable Evidence Lock tool.


Dive straight into our fully immersive software simulation. All you need is a Laptop/Computer and an internet connection. No additional software needed – we’ve got you covered in a ninja-esque manner!

Why Choose Training Ninja?

Experience is the greatest teacher, and at Training Ninja, we live by that! Our courses aren’t just lessons; they’re interactive software adventures. We ensure every learner is captivated, offering guidance and insights throughout your learning journey. Dive into our Smart Client – Basics course, curated to support operators across all Milestone XProtect Video Management Systems. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned CCTV Operator, our course aligns everyone to one gold standard. For a sneak peek of what awaits, check out the detailed course content. REQUEST A DEMO today and embark on a transformative learning experience!

This course is designed for control room operators and end-users. We cover all the steps required to navigate and operate a the HikCentral Client.

Feel free to expand and view the course agenda/content below.

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  • Introduction – Getting to know the User Training interface
  • Module 1 – Logging into Hikvision Central
  • Module 2 – Operator Training | Adding a Device to Hikvision Central
  • Module 3 – Operator Training | Web Client | Live Tab
  • Module 4 – Operator Training |  Events & Alarms
  • Module 5 – Operator Training |  Web Client | Playback Tab


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