Computer Literacy – Basics

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What you’ll learn

  • How to turn a computer on/off
  • Understanding the computer mouse and it’s different buttons
  • Understanding the computer keyboard and it’s different buttons
  • Using the computer start menu to access various computer programs
  • The difference between maximize, minimize and the end buttons
  • Creating, viewing and saving computer folders
  • Opening a program


As this course is an entirely interactive software simulation, you will not require any software. If you have a Laptop/Computer with an internet connection, you are good to go! Yes, you heard right, no software! We are Ninjas like that!


At Training Ninja, we believe the best way of learning is by doing! To accomplish this, we design our courses as interactive software simulations.
We keep each learner fully engaged, providing directions and helpful hints throughout each course journey.

This computer literacy course is designed to help elevate the computer skills level of the CCTV control room personal. Teaching them how to turn a computer on/off, saving computer files to the right locations and locating and opening those computer files when needed.

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Course Content

Introduction - User Interface
Micro E-Learning Course

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