Installation Fundamentals – (iSentry Intelexvision)

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What you’ll learn

  • Explain the difference between the different iSentry Components.
  • Efficiently install iSentry and communicate to XProtect Milestone.
  • Configure the iSentry Video Processor.
  • Add a Metadata device.
  • Perform the correct procedure when adding new devices.
  • License iSentry software.
  • Efficiently configure global and individual device analytics.
  • Create analytic notifications.
  • View and respond to alarms in XProtect Smart Client.


As this course is an entirely interactive software simulation, you will not require any software. If you have a Laptop/Computer with an internet connection, you are good to go! Yes, you heard right, no software! We are Ninjas like that!


At Training Ninja, we believe the best way of learning is by doing! To accomplish this, we design our courses as interactive software simulations. We keep each learner fully engaged, providing directions and helpful hints throughout each course journey.

This course is designed for technicians and end-users. We cover all the steps required to get an iSentry installation working with Milestone XProtect .

You, the learner, will gain the required in-field knowledge to meet global standards when installing and commissioning a new site, or, maintaining an existing installation.

Feel free to expand and view the course content below.


  • Introduction – Getting to know the interface
  • Module 1 – iSentry System Components
  • Module 2 – iSentry Libraries Installation
  • Module 3 – iSentry Components Installation
  • Module 4 – iSentry System Configuration
  • Module 5 – iSentry Software Licensing
  • Module 6 – iSentry Adding Hardware Devices
  • Module 7 – iSentry Analytics Configuration


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